I’m 84 you know… and I’m still a virgin!

28th July 2017

A quick stop in a North Hull sandwich shop for lunch today. I’m standing waiting for my cheese, lettuce and cucumber on wholemeal to be being prepared when two cheeky older ladies walked in and started having a lot off to the staff.

“Do you want salad cream with your sandwich?” I was asked by one of the staff… I replied innocently that I would prefer a little Branston pickle if possible.

At this point one of the two old ladies moved up next to me, smiled and looked directly at me before saying in a loud voice, “I’m 84 you know… and I’m still a virgin”.

I reacted in less than a second by kissing her on the cheek and saying, “Congratulations young lady, I hope you remain so!”

Her reaction was priceless and so was that of the others in the shop – I think I made her day and her summer by the tears of laughter in her eyes… Priceless!


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